Off piste sking in Norway

There’s nothing like virgin snow, and nothing like the off piste conditions in Norway. Know the feeling your going somewhere no one’s ever been before? Well off-piste in Norway that’s probably true

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Ski off piste the Norwegian way

You’ve reached that stage in your skiing where all you really need to know is where the unknown slopes can be found. Welcome to off piste in Norway. It helps that Norway has an enlighten attitude to access, there’s no need get permission to ski, hike or climb and no restrictions locally – only your ability and sense of adventure.

As with all off-piste skiing conditions can vary day-to-day and hour-to-hour, but mid March to the end of May is the best time to find the perfect powder. If you’re an experienced off-piste skier, fully equipped and knowledgeable about weather conditions and avalanche risks, there’s no reason you can’t go exploring on your own, but most skiers like the added safety that local knowledge brings.

Safety first

Our local guides not only know the best snow conditions and the safest routes, they can tailor the trip to your ability and provide specialist equipment – so it’s always an adventure and never a danger.

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