Cross-Country Ski and discover Norway

No wonder the Norwegians love cross-country skiing - the place could have been invented for it. Open wilderness, mountain tracks, gentle forest trails, it’s all here, and all in some of the best scenery on earth.

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Norway, made for Cross Country Ski Holidays

Gaustablikk sits at the foot of Gaustatoppen, Southern Norway’s highest mountain and that means you’ll never, ever run out of ski trails. And because cross-country skiing is a national pastime, not only are all the trails free, they’re also a delight to use – the locals simply wouldn’t have it any other way.

A new experience for experienced skiers

If you’ve tried cross country skiing before you’ll know it’s all about getting to places that just aren’t open to anyone else – away from roads, from people, from modern life itself. And there’s nowhere better than Norway to do that, simply because the Norwegians have always had a love affair with the open air. That makes them unusually discerning about where they ski, unusually well informed about where best to do it, and exceptionally pleased to share the country with anyone who’d like to join them.

Take the infants with you!

You can hire a Pulk - a ski sledge that is harnessed to you - so you can Cross Country ski and pull your child behind you.

Just starting out?

If you always liked the sound of cross-country skiing, Gaustablikk is a great place to learn for both adults and children. It doesn’t need to be any more energetic than walking, even though cross-country athletes are known for their fitness and stamina. The key is that you set your own pace, and take your own time, so you can glide on lightweight skis through flat forest trails all day if you wish – the choice is yours.

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