Walking and Hiking Holidays in Norway

A short stroll before lunch, or a day on the hills, whatever suits your mood you’ll find it around Gaustablikk and Savalen

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Both areas may be dominated by some of southern Norway’s highest mountains, but that only means the views from the lakeshores are as spectacular as those from the tops. The country around Gaustablikk can be wild when you climb high and, at 1,883 metres, Gaustatoppen is high enough to keep even the most ardent walker happy - though there are plenty of low-level routes that ideal for a day’s hike or an afternoon stroll.


Savalen may not be quite as remote, but there is just as much beautiful scenery to explore, and trails that range from the gentle to the exceptionally challenging. The area, dominated by Savalen lake and Rødalshøa peak, is largely forested but the views are still spectacular – and the walk to the viewpoint at Savalkletten virtually compulsory.

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