Rock climbing holidays

What do rock climbers do when they’re not rock climbing? Well mostly they talk about rock climbing. And that enthusiasm for sharing knowledge shines through when you meet our instructors, some of the most experienced climbers in Scandinavia

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Rock Climbing beginners

Learning to climb on rock can seem daunting, but it’s actually a safe activity most people pick up quite quickly. Our short courses will have you tackling routes you never thought possible, and in only a few hours. We adjust each rock climbing course to suit each individual’s abilities and that means we can safely teach children, families – in fact almost anyone at all.

Rock Climbing Introduction

If you’ve little experience of rock climbing, or indeed none at all, this three-day course will take you to a level where you can confidently tackle multi-pitch routes without an instructor.

Focusing on fundamental principles, and with an emphasis on safe enjoyment of the sport, you’ll learn rope handling, climbing techniques and just how much fun it can be.

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