Ice climbing holidays

Norway has some of the best ice climbing in Europe - with over 150 frozen waterfalls around Rjukan alone. And it’s not just for hard-bitten mountain men (although we get plenty of those) we take families and children as young as 12. And think of the stories they take home.

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Try Ice Climbing for a day.

Whether you’ve climbed on rock before, or attempted nothing more adventurous than a staircase, we can show you the ropes. Every day throughout the season, our ice climbing trips introduce guests to this exciting sport on some of the best frozen waterfalls anywhere. Snow and ice climbing is a relatively easy skill to master, so you’ll be surprised what you can achieve in a single day.

Intermediate Ice climbing

Anyone who’s had a few days waterfall ice climbing experience can’t wait to take on more difficult, technical challenges. Our three-day intermediate course will take your ice climbing skills to a new level, preparing you for alpine ascents or leadership and covers efficient movement on steep ice, mixed climbing techniques, mental and physical skills, technical systems and rope management for multi-pitch climbing.

Advanced ice climbing

A three day intensive course for the experienced climber covers everything from basic movements to placing gear. Intended to prepare you for seriously challenging climbs in all conditions, we keep the client to guide ratio low to ensure everyone has precisely the knowledge they need once they decide to go high.

Expert ice climbing

This five day course is for the experienced climber who wishes to climb with others of similar skills. We provide a professional local guide so our climbers get exactly the type of climb they want and the assurance that they will receive the back-up and equipment, to achieve a successful and rewarding climb.

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