Inspirational skiing, adventure holidays and tours - with a personal touch

Not just another holiday, not just another tour operator

When you’re looking for a different kind of skiing, or adventure holiday, or a tour, you need a different kind of tour operator; one that doesn’t treat you like a package, but as a person - one that doesn’t think something out of the ordinary is – well – out of the ordinary.

And that’s what’s a Kelso Travel,is all about, extra-ordinary experiences you’ll treasure in places you’ll never forget, superbly organised and always, always, created with the traveller, not the travel agent, in mind.

The drama and freedom of ski holidays in Norway

It’s not just the dramatic scenery that makes skiing holidays in Norway so special, it’s the fact snow conditions are almost always perfect and the queues mercifully short.That, and the fact there’s skiing to suit everyone from a black run, aficionados to families -all based around exceptional accommodation.

So whether you’re taking the a children, – or the fastest route downhill - Norway is the perfect destination for the perfect skiing holiday in Europe.

Adventure Holidays you’ll never forget

Want more from your holiday than a tan and a pile of thumbed paperbacks?

Our activity holidays take full advantage of Norway’s stunning scenery, and you can choose from horse riding, mountain biking, kayaking and canoeing, even ice climbing.
We even have a Base Camp, Adventure holiday just for 14 to 17 year olds - lose the children for 3 days!

No matter which activity suits you, your nerve, or your family, you can be sure you’ll come back with better stories than Jeffery Archer ever managed.

Coach Tour holidays to Norway, France, UK & the rest of Europe

Our expertise at setting bespoke
holiday coach tours will deliver the
perfect holiday at the right pace.
Touring in Norway and Europe is
fun, seeing first-hand the history
and culture it has to offer. Our UK
tours are just as popular!

Whether you chose Norway or
France or anywhere in Europe
and whether it’s an incentive tour
or you are a dedicated group, we
can get the right itinerary for you.
We provide successful fundraising tours for Charities, too.

As an a Independent tour operator we have the expertise, experience and the freedom to create a Bespoke itinerary.

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